—Are you using the Chrome browser?
   —And cannot see the calendar?

Try the steps below, or perhaps try viewing the site with a different browser.

  1. Open your Chrome settings page
  2. Go to the section called Privacy
  3. In there, click on the button:
    Content settings...
  4. Uncheck the item:
    Block third-party cookies and site data
  5. Click Done
  6. Close up your settings window
  7. Return to your Calendar page and reload it
  8. The calendar should now appear!

If this does not work, you might try going to the Newsletter page and opening the PDF of the latest Epistle to see the calendar.

The PDF issue won't show updates entered into the calendar after the Epistle PDF was published. If you have doubts about what's current, please contact the church office, under the Contact tab, for the latest information.