Confirmation Class of 2020

Confirmation was scheduled for Pentecost Sunday, May 31st. Because it is questionable whether we will be able together for Worship in church on that day, Confirmation has been moved to the fall on Reformation Sunday, October 25th. We wanted to recognize the girls this month for all they have done during their two years of classes.

Brenda DeBlois I am in the 10th grade at Newington High School and my favorite subject is history because I’d love to learn about the past and how we’ve developed into modern society. After high school I’m hoping to pursue a career and a humanity, specifically history or anthropology. I perform as part of the color guard with the Newington High School marching band and sing with the high schools chamber choir. I love to bake and try new recipes that often yield wonderful treats. I also enjoy reading and have been known to dabble in cooking on occasion. Through these interests I am able to explore the world, even while stuck in quarantine. I’ve always admired my Oma because she knows just what to do or say when there’s a problem. She also always brightens my day whenever I talk to her. An author I have come to admire is Sarah Dessen because she has written a plethora of books that always bring me outside the walls of my home. Within my hometown, I love to walk around Main Street with my friends during the summer or after school on a shortened day. Our favorite place to be is in Newington pizza where we all share two large cheeses with two sides of fries. I enjoy going to the Library as well because it provides me with a quiet place to think and relax. With my family I have been to South Dakota once, Disney World twice (although I don’t remember the first trip), into Canada and Vermont on a myriad of occasions. Even though we often venture to the same places, I love being able to visit them and they make me feel comfortable and safe in this crazy world.

Leah Weston is completing her sophomore year at Wethersfield High School. At WHS, she enjoys serving the community as a member of the Interact Club, which primarily runs events to connect with senior citizens in town. Her favorite class this year is English, where they are reading many classics from Macbeth to A Tale of Two Cities and Pygmalion. When Leah graduates, she plans to major in Social Work so that she can focus on helping children be the happiest they can be. To prepare, she has taken an Early Childhood Development class and is excited to take Psychology, Sociology, and Family Studies next year. In her free time, Leah loves to cook and bake, spend time with her family, and travel to favorite vacation spots like Vermont, Florida, and the beach. She has really valued her confirmation experience and has grown and learned a lot from it.

My name is Marina Perry and I am a sophomore at Rocky Hill High School. I am a thrower for the indoor and outdoor track and field team, and discus is my all time favorite event. Along with being on the track team I also have a passion for dance and spend almost every day at the studio preparing for competitions and performances. Along with dancing for my studio, I am also a member of a tap company called the Connecticut Tap Collaborative, CTC, where I get to focus on being a tap dancer, and solely perform tap, one of my favorite styles. While I really love training and being an athlete, I also love participating in the arts. I play the saxophone in the RHHS Marching Band and sing in the Select Chamber Choir. I am also a new inductee into the Tri M Music Honors Society where I am able to spread my love of music further. Speaking of things that I love, assisting with The Rocky Hill Challenger’s Baseball Team and being a member of “Best Buddies” is one of my favorite things to do, and I look forward to every game or event that I get to spend with them. Traveling and spending time with my family are also things that I could not go without. Aside from being a college athlete (thrower), I am not sure what I want to do after high school, but I know that it will involve interacting with people. Overall, I love to learn new things and improve, spend time with people that I love, and give my all into causes and organizations that I care about.

Youth Group

Summer 2018 three of our Youth embarked on the 2018 ELCA National Youth Gathering, titled “This Changes Everything”. Through their experience they were able to grow their faith and give back to the community in Houston, TX. Once they got back, they hosted a Tex-Mex themed dinner to tell the church about their experience and thank them for generously donating and supporting them on this journey. Looking forward to 2021 ELCA Youth Gathering to Minneapolis, MN.

The youth group is currently gearing up for the new year. Events and news will be posted here. For more information please contact the Church Office. 

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